Gene selection and interpretation
with focus on microRNAs and cancer

Main topics

  • using large datasets to identify genes and pathways of interest.
  • developing bioinformatic/math methodologies for it, including network based approaches.
  • researching the general modes of action of microRNAs through systems biology approaches.

Gene selection

We develop methodologies to select genes in large datasets and to control the false discovery rates. Two main tracks are currently followed:

  • developing methods to identify genes correlated with cancer patients lifetime (ongoing PhD work of RĂ©my Jardillier). Long term aim is to reliably identify prognostic gene biomarkers.
  • incorporating current biological knowledge through network based approaches.

Gene interpretation

We aim at inferring functions of genes, mainly microRNAs. MicroRNA functions depend on the genes they regulate. We plan to define a "microRNA ontology" procedure and to assess it using meta-analysis of a large, carefully selected, collection of public datasets.

BIG - Institut de Biosciences et Biotechnologies​ de Grenoble CEA UGA INSERM

Laurent Guyon, Bioinformatics & multi-disciplinary researcher,
Gene selection and interpretation, mainly focusing on microRNAs and cancer.
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Update: November 2018